Extended Meal Service Available

Home-delivered meals available 7 days a week and in extended areas in Northeast Iowa.

NEI3A provides services and supports for older individuals and caregivers to help them remain in their homes and independent at they age.  During the COVID-19 crisis, the emphasis has been placed on remaining at home and reducing the possibility of being exposed to this disease through social interactions or going to public places.

To help older individuals and caregivers remain at home and get the nutrition they need to stay healthy, NEI3A is offering extended home-delivered meal options during this time. People age 60 and over, caregivers, or spouses of any age, are eligible to receive meals with 1 meal per day for 7 days or enough for 2 meals per day for 7 days.  The meals are nutritionally balanced and can easily be prepared.

If you would like to start receiving meals, please call our LifeLong Links line at 1-866-468-7887.

Call 1-800-779-8707 or complete a Request for Information

Empowering you to age with confidence.