GrandPad and NEI3A Partner to Empower Older Adults with Technology and Safeguard Against Scam

posted 9/22/2023 in Press Releases

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, older adults find themselves grappling with new challenges that demand heightened awareness and resilience. Alarming statistics from the FBI's latest Elder Fraud Report underscore the urgency of the situation, revealing that cybercrime cost Americans over the age of 50 nearly $3 billion last year alone. But the danger doesn't stop there. As AI technology advances, it offers incredible benefits but also raises concerns about privacy, manipulation, and security.

Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (NEI3A) and GrandPad have partnered on a shared mission to arm older adults with the confidence to navigate technology effectively while providing them with protection against online scams.

GrandPad is a device designed specifically for older adults who are unfamiliar with or have difficulty using current technologies. It helps seniors stay connected to family, friends, and caregivers while providing an encrypted private network that allows only trusted contacts to call, email or video chat with the user.

Mike Donohue, CEO of NEI3A, said, “This partnership signifies an important step forward in the ongoing effort to empower older adults with the tools they need to thrive in a digital age, while also providing the protection they deserve.”

NEI3A and GrandPad are dedicated to the well-being of seniors and equipping them with the means to navigate the digital landscape safely. 

“Our commitment to ensuring the safety of seniors is at the heart of the GrandPad mission. I’m excited about this opportunity to collaborate with NEI3A to make a real difference in protecting older adults in the Northeast Iowa community,” said Scott Lien, CEO and co-founder of GrandPad. 

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