Consumer Stabilization Services

Elder Abuse Prevention and Awareness (EAPA) and Victims of Crime Assistance (VOCA) are a specialized forms of case management which assists at-risk and/or abused persons.

  • EAPA serves people age 60 and older, to identify their risks and then find ways to reduce or eliminate those risks.
  • VOCA provides advocacy and assistance to older individuals or individuals with disabilities who have been a victim of a crime.

There is no charge for these services. Anyone concerned about the well being of an older person is encouraged to contact us.

Consumer Stabilization staff help assist people who voluntarily accept our services. The process includes:

  • A confidential referral and intake process 
  • Ongoing assessment of the situation and risks 
  • Development of intervention plans to reduce identified risks 
  • Continued follow-up until it is agree our services are no longer needed

For more information call 319-874-6879 or toll free at 866-468-7887. You can also e-mail us at

Call 1.866.468.7887 or complete a Request for Information

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