NEI3A Partners With Elected Officials for March for Meals Campaign

posted 3/23/2021 in Press Releases

KWWL News Featured NEI3A March for Meals Program

For years, the Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging has made sure seniors are cared for across the state.

Trying to make sure elder Iowans get the food they need, the Agency is promoting programs like 'Meals on Wheels' through its 'March for Meals' campaign.

Partnering with multiple city officials, they will be delivering meals to residents as well as try to get the word out about 'Meals on Wheels'.

Providing home delivery across the state, not only does the agency want to keep seniors healthy, but also helps them live independently for as long as they can.

Working with the program for several years, Deputy Director Greg Zars said the pandemic has shown how bad 'Meals on Wheels' is needed.

"They become isolated, and living alone, unfortunately, it doesn't take long a lot of times for there to be a decline where now they need more assistance," Zars said, "the longer we can stretch that time out they can live in the community of their choice."

Cities a part of the campaign are:

  • Dubuque
  • Independence
  • Tama
  • Toledo
  • Decorah
  • Manchester
  • Marshalltown
  • Cedar Falls
  • West Union

Independence Mayor, Bonita Davis, took part in delivering meals Monday morning. She told KWWL the program is special to the city's elderly.

"It's necessary just so that we know we take care of our elderly population in our state. and it's very much needed, our community needs it," Davis said.

Planning to deliver meals this Thursday is Cedar Falls Mayor Rob Green. Green said he loves volunteering for to programs, and saw how it transforms lives at a young age.

"As a seven-year-old, it was such a life impression on me how important it is to look out for other people and to see my grandpa doing it," Green said, "just that wonderful feeling of helping others."

Usually delivering hot meals daily, the pandemic temporarily changed it to frozen meals weekly. 'March for Meals' last day is Monday, March 29th.

Call 1-800-779-8707 or complete a Request for Information

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